Lesson 5 No wrong numbers

这篇文章标题翻译得简直不能更好了!No wrong numbers. 无错号之虞 意思是不用担心有错误的号码出现。 “忧虑、顾虑”之意,无冻馁之虞(无需担心受冻)。



  • pigeon n.鸽子
    It’s not my pigeon. 这不是我的错 / 不关我的事 (= None of my business!

  • message n. 信息[可数]
    leave sb. a message. 给某人留便条
    take a message for sb. 替某人捎口信

    Can I take a message for you?

  • cover v.覆盖(距离)
    cover + 距离: 越过

    The bird covered the distance in three minutes. 这只鸟只用了三分钟就飞完了全程。

  • distance n. 距离
    verb-distant 远距离的
    keep distance. 保持距离

    important -> importance
    different -> difference

  • request n/v. 要求,请求
    request for 对 … 有请求

    I have a request for the cake.

request sb. to do sth. 要求某人做某事 (= ask sb to do sth.)

You are requested / asked to write some words.

  • spare part n.备件

  • service n / v.服务,业务
    at your service. 乐意效劳
    Glad to be at your service
    I am glad to be at your service.

    Thank you. 的回答:

    • You’re welcome.
    • Not at all.
    • My pleasure. 我的荣幸
    • That’s (all) right. (绝对正确,但也绝对过时)
    • That’s Okay.
    • No thanks. (不知道怎么回答时用绝对没错)


  1. Pinhust is only five miles (away) from Silbury.
    is only + 长短 表达距离的短语
    from 前面省略了 away

    How far (away) is your home from here ?
    My home is only a areat number of miles away from here.

  1. Mr. Soctt cannot get a telephone for his new garage.

  2. A pigeon carried the first message from Pinhurst to Silbury
    carry. 带着、携带

  3. The bird covered the distance in three minutes.

  4. Mr. Scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts.
    a great many = a great number of. 许多


another: 其他中的另一个,强调三个及以上
the other: 两者中的一个
others: 剩余的…

in this way. 就这样吧

in the way. 挡路

I cooked this in the way you showed me. 固定搭配,不用in this way

in a way. 某种意义下
by the way. 顺便…
in a friendly way. 以一种友好的方式
get one’s own way. 随心所欲


  1. Mr. Soctt cannot get a telephone for his garage. That’s why he has just bought twelve pigeons.
    That is … 后面是 表语,引导一个表语从句,这时that后面常用特殊疑问词

    I was caught in the traffic jam. That’s why I am late.
    That’s when we start class. 那就是我们开始上课的时候.

  2. Mr. Soctt has a garage in Pinhurst. His __ garage is in Sibury.

    an/a/the. 是冠词
    his / her / my… 形容词性物主代词
    xx’s 名词所有格

    another 可以看成 an + other

  • 在语法上,以上三种词性一般不放在一起用,所以这里用another是 ≈ 错的!
  • 另外一个角度,another 强调三个及以上。Soctt 只有两个garage.

  • other + 单数:表示一个

———— The End ————