Lesson 6 Percy Buttons.


  • beggar n. 乞丐
    beg for. 祈求

  • pocket n. 包

    inner pocket. 内包
    pocket book. 袖珍书
    pocket dictionary. 袖珍词典
    pocket money 零花钱(小孩的)
    change 零钱
    beer money (男生的零花钱)
    pokect pick. 小偷

  • call v. 拜访,光顾;打电话
    call sb. 给……打电话 = call up sb.
    call at: 光顾、拜访
    call at + sw = visit someplace 光顾某个地方
    call on + sb. 拜访某人

    I’ll call on you = I ‘ll call at your home.

    call out. = shout. 大声喊叫
    call in sb. 召集,邀请


  1. I have just moved to a house in Bridge Street. 我刚刚搬进了大桥街的一所房子。
    move to 搬到

  2. Yesterday a beggar knock at my door. 昨天一个乞丐来我的门
    knock at 敲门

    knock at the door
    knock at the window

    kncok off 下班 / 打折

    He knocked off early yesterday and went to a football match. 他昨天早点下班去看了足球比赛。
    knock 10% off the price. 打九折 = reduce the price by 10%

    knock over 撞倒

    The flowerpot is broken. Who knocked it over.
    A car knock the boy over

    knock out 打晕,击倒[拳击场合中]

  3. He asked me for a meal and a glass of beer. 他问我要一顿饭和一杯啤酒。
    ask sb. for sth. 问某人要什么东西 = request sb. for sth.
    for:为了这个目的去请求别人,sb 可以省略ask for sth

  4. In return for this, the beggar stood on his head and sang songs. 作为回报,那乞丐头顶地倒立起来,嘴里还唱着歌。
    in return 作为回报

    He doesn’t want anything in return.
    I will buy a present for him in return for hospitality. 我准备买一个礼物给她,作为热情的回报。

    stand on his head 头顶地倒立

    stand on one’s hands. 用手倒立
    stand/get on one’s knees. 双膝跪地,跪下 (更倾向于get)
    lie in bed. 躺

  5. Then he put a piece of cheese in his pocket and went away. 然后把奶酪装进口袋离开了。
    a piece of cheese = a bit of cheese 一点/块奶酪
    a bar of

    a bar of chocolate. 一块巧克力
    a bar of soup. 一块香皂

    a block of 一大块

    a block of ice. 一大块冰

  1. Everybody knows him. 大家都认识他.

  2. He calls at every house in the street once a month and… 他每月对这条街上的每户人家光顾一次。
    call at 光顾、拜访(前面有提到)


  • 在表示一种笼统概念的陈述句中可以省略 a 和 some

    Yesterday I bought a book. Books are not expensive. 我昨天买了一本书,书(这种东西)并不贵。
    I have just drunk a cup of tea. Tea is very refreshing. 我刚刚喝了一杯茶,茶(这种东西)很提神。

    By the way. a cup of 连读读作 /ə'kʌpə/a cup of tea = cuppa

  • 姓名前一般不用定冠词或不定冠词


  • put. 放
    put on 戴上

    I put your book on the shelf.
    I put on my hat and left the house.

  • take. 拿走
    take off 脱下

    Who take my umbrella? 谁拿走了我的伞?
    It got hot, I took off my coat. 天变得热了,我脱下了外套。

  • knock.

    knock at
    knock off
    knock over
    knock out


  • each和every.
    every 只做形容词 ,指每一个[人,物]

    every person likes. 每一个人
    each person likes. = each likes (这里each是代词,each person)

  • out of work. 失业
    out of work = lose job

    I am out of work. = I lose job.

  • street
    street 两边都有房子的街道,城市街道
    raod “路”的统称,

    电影 《The Road Home》 通往回家的路,中文《我的父亲母亲》

    route 路线 /ru:t/

———— The End ————