Lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck

生词和短语(New words and expressions)

  • luck n. 运气

    good luck

    God bless you.

    • lucky. adj. 幸运的

      lucky dog. 幸运儿

      lucky day. 幸运日

    • luckily. adv. 幸运地

  • captain n. 船长

  • sail. v.航行

  • proud adj. 自豪的

  • harbour. n.港口


  1. We will meet him at the harbour early in the morning. 明天一大早我们将在码头为他 送行

    • meet sb 本没有“送行”的意思,但是根据上下文,Alison即将出发,作者(何其莘)灵活将其翻译为了送行,堪称高手!(翻译就是不停推敲,难怪木心说:初生牛犊不怕翻译虎!)

    • early in the morning. 意为“大清早”、“一大早”

  2. He will be in his small boat, Topsail. Topsail is a famous little boat.

    will 是情态动词,in his small boat 是状语,整句无谓语,所以只好用 be 充当这个谓语的位置。

    will be 的用途:① 用于 主系表 结构 You will be late.主 + will be + 时间状语/地点状语

    little 比 small 更可爱,更有感情

    You are my little darling / girl / child. 我的小可爱。 (本人乱编的,哈哈~~😂)

  3. It has sailed across the Allantic many times. 它已经多次横渡大西洋。

    the Atlantic Ocean. 大西洋

    sailed across. 横渡

    President Jiang sailed across the Yangtze river many times and many years ago.

    多年前,主席也曾多次 横渡过长江!😁

  4. Captain Alison will set out at eight o’clock. 艾莉森船长将于8点启航。

  5. He will be away for two months.

    leave = be away.

    arrive = be here / there

    die = be dead

  6. He will take part in an importan race across the Altantic.

    across the Altantic. 介词短语作定语,放于被修饰词之后。

关键句型(Key structures)

be 的用途:

① 用于 主系表 结构 You will be late.

主 + will be + 时间状语/地点状语

be + 副词 ( P57难点)

I am going out now, I will be back at 6. 我将要走了,我会在6点回来。

If anyone calls me, tell them I will be out all morning. 如果有人来电,告诉他们,我一上午都不在。

He wasn’t in. 他不在。

Why don’t you forget it? It is all over. (It is finished.)你为什么不把它忘掉?事情已经过去了。

难点(Special difficulties)

  1. 见关键句型)

  2. set out. & set off & set up

    set out 用于将来

    set off 用于过去

    set up 创造

    Captain Alison will set out at eight o’clock. (He will start his jouney. ) 船长将于8点出发。

    Tom and I set off early in the morning. (We started our journey.) 我和汤姆一早出发了

    Jansen set up a new world record for the 400 meters. Jansen 为400米跑创造了一个新世界纪录。

———— The End ————