Lesson 11 One good turn deserve another

生词和短语(New words and expressions)

  • turn n. 行为,举止 [通常对人有影响的 ]

    One good turn. 一个好的行为

    behavior. 行为

  • deserve v.应该得到

    He deserve the best. 他应该得到最好.

    He deserve praise. 他应得奖励

    He deserved a promotion.

    Good work(不可数) deserves good pay. = Good jobs deserve good good pay.

    deserve to do sth. 应该去做某事

    He deserved to be punished. 他应该得到惩罚

  • lawyer n.律师

    lawyer’s = lawyer’s office. 律师事务所

    the doctor’s = 医院

    the burcher’s = 肉铺

  • salary n. 工资

    collect salary. 领工资 [月薪、年薪]

    collect wages. 领工资 [小时、周]

  • immediately adv. 立刻

    immediately = at once = right now


  1. (标题) One good turn deserves another. (一个好的行为应该得到另一个好的行为) → 礼尚往来;善有善报;以德报德

    anohter 后面省略了” … good turn”

  2. Tony worked in a lawyer’s office years ago. Tony 曾在一加律师事务所工作。

    曾经,多年前: years ago.


    Tony worked in a lawyer’s years ago.

  3. … and nerver pays it back. 从不归还

    pay back 还钱

    repay 还钱

  4. So now you can pay for my dinner.

    I have paid for your dinner. 强调我给你的晚餐付了钱,而不在乎付了多少钱,相当于请客的意味。

    I have paid $2.33 for your dinner. 强调给你付晚餐,花了多少钱。

关键句型(Key structures)

  1. What is happening. ——进行时态

    除了指正在做的事,还指 现阶段 在做的事

    I am working now. 现阶段我在工作。

  2. What always happens. ——一般时态

    通常指 过去、现在和将来 通常发生的事。

  3. What happend. ——过去时态

  4. What has happened. ——现在完成时

    强调:过去的行为对现在 产生的影响过去的行为一直延续到现在

  5. What was happening. —— 过去进行时


    While two detectives were keeping guard at the door, two others opened the parcel.


So far, we ___ (not have) a reply. have not had

have的现在完成时是have had

not have的现在完成时:have not had

多项选择题(Multiple choice questions)

  • good & well & fine

    good 一般指广义上的“好” (我不确定)

    well 指身体健康、身体好

    He is sick, and he is not well.

难点(Special difficulties)

  • want sb to do sth

    want 动词,作谓语。sb 宾语。to do宾补(宾语补足语)

  • want to do sth

    want 动词,谓语。 to do sth ——这一串都做 宾语

  • 可以加 sb to do的动词




    + sb to do

    P.S. 只有hope不能用 hope sb to do sth

  • hope

    hope to do

    hope that

    可以说hope sth will happen. 不能说hope sth would happen.


  • ride.

    v. 骑马

    n. 旅行

———— The End ————