Lesson 9 A cold welcome

生词和短语(New words and exceptions)

  • welcome adj./n./v. 欢迎

    Welcome home / back. v

    You are welcome. adj

  • crowd n.人群

    a crowd of people. 一群人(无秩序),a group of people. 一群人(有秩序)

    a large crowd of people. 一大群人. crowds of people. (一群一群的人——称 人山人海)

    It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock.

  • gather v.聚集

  • hand n. (表或机器的)指针

    minute hand. 分针,second hand. 秒针;二手的,hour hand. 时针

    The big minute did not move. We waited and waited, but nothing happened.

  • shout v. 喊叫


  1. A cold welcome. 冷遇

    cold fish. 冷漠的人

    lucky dog. 幸运的人

  2. What does ‘a clod welcome’ refer to?

    refer to :指什么

  3. It would strike twelve in twenty minutes’ time. 再过20分钟,大钟将敲响12下。

    in minutes' time 20分钟以后 = in twenty minutes


    an hour’s time = an hour

    two hours’ time = two hour

    three minutes walk. 三分钟的路程

  4. Fifteen minutes passed and then, at five to twelve, the clock stopped. 15分钟过去了,就在11点55分,大钟停了。


    ① 在前半小时用 past

    ② 在后半小时用to

    ③ 整点 正常用

    8:25. twenty five minutes past eight.

    8:45. fifteen minutes to nine.

    as + 时间点(时刻)


    xx minutes passed and then, at xx, xx happened.


    An hour passed and then, at fifteen minutes past six early in the morning, he arrived.


    Twenty minutes passed and then, nothing happened.

  5. We waited and waited, but nothing happened. 我们等啊等,可情况没有变化。

    sth happened

    -What happened?

    -Nothing happened!

  6. The big clock refuse to welcome the New Year. 那座大钟不愿意迎接新年的到来。

    refuse to do

  7. At that moment, everyone began to laugh and sing.

    at that moment = just then 就在那时

    at the moment = now 就在此时

难点练习(Exercises of special difficulties)

  1. He hasn’t any hobbies. = He has no hobbies.
  2. He does not go anywhere. = He goes nowhere.
  3. He does not see anybody. = He sees nobody.
  4. He is not interested in anything. = He is interested in nothing.

多项选择(Multiple choice questions)

  1. The people ___ under the Town Hall clock.

    the people/police/cattle 作主语,一定用复数

  2. hit strike beat

  3. deny(过去式 denied) 否认事实(to say that something is not true.)≠ refuse(拒绝)

———— The End ————